26 Week Update!!

Damn heart burn. HahahaSo true!! This heartburn has been killer lately. Omg. 3rd trimester here we come!! 🙂 I cant believe its going so fast. Kloey finally started moving around for her daddy, but she wont move for anyone else yet. Its kinda cute and evil at the same time. 🙂

Not much to update this week. Everythings really the same.

XOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3


25 Week Update!

ImageSo we are finally settled in to our new home. Its kinda hard, but at the same time pretty brilliant. Im learning how to cook, clean, and just be a house wife without the help of my mom. I mean of course moms right next door if I needed any help but so far no help needed. I think its hard for any 19 year old girl to become a stay at home wife, because most of us are so dependent on our parents its unreal. That’s what my situation is anyway. I didn’t even realize half the things I didn’t know how to do, clean, or cook. Because im just so used to mom doing all that stuff. But its all a learning experience for my boyfriend and I. Luckily we still have some time before Kloey gets here to get everything perfect. Walking up and down those steps is NO FUN though. I can slowly start to see my ankles swell up before my eyes! & we don’t have a washer and dryer yet so im constantly up and down them bad boys doing laundry. Im really going to have to learn how to handwash our clothes or something. On a positive not apparently my uterus is getting stronger because of the “working out” so maybe labor will be a little bit more easy on me :)!

What we have for Kloey so far:
So I haven’t bought her much yet because im supposed to be having 2 baby showers and I want to wait until those before I spend my money on things. But so far I have bought her 2 cute little outfits and a little activity gym. We have the crib and the changing table in the garage. Her colors are going to be pink white and grey, and the theme will be elephants. So I want to paint the crib and the changing table to match whatever her bed spread is going to be. Since we haven’t got that yet we are just waiting pretty much, but at least we know that if she gets born a little early and this is all we got then we have something for her to wear! 😉 But the doctor told me that he thinks that shes going to be right on time so we have no worries about that! Although reading about my pregnancy and seeing that if for some reason she would be born like right this second she would more than likely survive the ICU made things get really real, really fast. I don’t know its like a dream to me still though. Even though I feel the moving around, can clearly see my belly, and even see my belly move when she moves it all still feels unreal. Maybe im just a weirdo, who knows.

I also got some clothes from a good friend whos about 2 weeks more pregnant than I am, but shes having a boy so she gave me a bunch of girl clothes. So now she has a cute little place in the closet right next to mommies clothes of her growing wardrobe. I want to put her in pageants oh so very badly its unreal. But my boyfriend is afraid that “it will turn her into a whore”. Which I totally disagree with, but whatever!! Im gonna get what I want at the end of the day so 😛 on him. Im not going to be crazy mom about it, but I think its a good way for her to gain confidence in herself and be around other kids! 🙂


XOXOXOXOX; Kaylalarissax3

21-24 Week Update!

So Kloey is moving around so much now! I absolutely love it but I just wish other people could feel it. & by other people I mean my boyfriend & my mom. No one else. I really hate that everyone comes up to me and touches my belly. Im too awkward for that shit. In other news, im eating litteraly every 5 minutes though some days. I have only gained about 10 pounds so far. Which im super surprised because my belly is so huge!! Seriously the other day I went to wear my “fat cover up” & there was no covering up! 😮 I was so huge, & my boyfriend just laughed & thought it was adorable. My tummy is also starting to get really tight also. Which makes me happy 🙂 FINALLY no more jiggly belly. Haha.

So sorry I haven’t been keeping track with my babylogs!! We are going through a move right now. & this place has like 2 flights of stairs & since my boyfriend has 2 jobs im literally doing everything. With the help of my family moving the heavy stuff, but lately ive just been moving, cleaning, eating & sleeping. Its ridiculous. I just cant wait to get in and get settled so I can put my pintrest magic to work!

A plus side to the stairs though, its toughening up my uterus so hopefully birth will be a little bit easier on me!! 🙂

XOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3

Abstract Toddler Craft.

So Kingston is one of my nephews that I have been babysitting for awhile now. He just turned 2 years old in Dec.
Hes honestly growing up way to fast & his mom totally agrees!
Lately when Im watching the kids I get bored with the day-to-day activities.
So I hopped on Pintrest and looked for some crafts 2 year olds would love.

I cant find the link on pintrest right now to save my life, but if I do ill edit this post.
Anyhow, this is a picture of the project King & I recreated together:

So Im not sure what they used but I just the back of an old poster board I was doing nothing with & duct tape at the beginning.
Quick suggestion: Use the blue tape & probably a canvas that’s what im doing next time with Brandon. The duct tape ended up tearing the poster board a bit making the end product look a bit uneven.

What you need:

Step 1:

Put the tape on canvas however you like. You can do it yourself or you can let the kiddo do it.
I found that Kingston really enjoyed putting the tape on the poster board & then I just straightened it out for him.
Just to give it the perfect straight lines.

Step 2:

Let the kiddo go crazy paint to board however they please.
I helped him a bit and filled in all the white with the left over paint on the board.
We used a pretty big poster board and I got tired of opening and closing all the paints so I ended up and just put a bunch of spots of paint on the board and let him color it in.
He also taught himself how to open the paint and get some as he pleased. Ha!

Step 3:

Let your painting dry & then peel off tape.
Like I said before the duct tape didn’t work very well, but good for practicing!

Very fun project to do with the toddlers.
It keeps them busy and away the t.v for a couple hours!
This is also something I enjoy so much ill be hanging it up in my apartment for everyone to see!
Hope you enjoy!

XOXOXOXOXOX; Kaylalarissax3

20 Week Update!!

1102389_683107428407857_1153217433_oITS A GIRL!! 🙂
Yay! We finally know for sure. So far we know her name will be Kloey, but we are still unsure of the middle name. I was so excited to get to see my baby girl again! & Of course I knew the whole time ;P
I’m feeling super great! Halfway through this thing. It seems like time is just flying by!
Kloey is a perfect 11oz with a 160 heartbeat. The doc said everything looked normal. Great things to hear 🙂
I go back in a month to get my diabetes testing and all that fun stuff.

We also got video of my princess 🙂
Its about 11 minutes long, but so amazing!

I am just so excited for this little girl to get here.
Im on pintrest, babysrus, and all things baby right now.
I may be getting a little obsessive, but its my baby girl were talkin about here!! 🙂

XOXOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3

19 Week Update!

Nothing really new. Besides the babys moving around a lot more! Which is exciting. Also, I feel a tightness in my stomach that is super uncomfortable at times. My sister says its normal, but of course ill ask my doctor what he thinks. Everyones really just excited to find out the gender which we find out on Thursday! 😀 Not only am I excited to find out the gender, but I just cant wait to see my baby again!!

Also, Monday I find out if I get a second job interview for 24 hr fitness day care center! The first one went great so im really hoping I get this! Especially since we are getting our own place so soon.

Ive been itching to read a good book lately so I went to the library today and got 3.
Who Im Not by Ted Staunton
The Postmortal by Drew Magary
The Killing Club by Marci Walsh

I’ve just started Who Im Not & I love it so far! Im seriously flying through this book. 🙂

So, I shall update yall Thursday when we find out the gender!!
XOXOXOXOX; Kaylalarissax3

17-18 week update!!

Feb 20th we find out the gender of our bebe taco!! Im so excited 😀
When we went to the doctor the heartbeat was 149 so we’ve only had one heartbeat under 140. We also did the ring test, and the baking soda test to predict the gender. Both test results said girl. YAYY! We all pretty much know its going to be a girl, and her name will be Kloey. We haven’t been able to find a middle name yet. I think I like how Kloey Loretta sounds, but I haven’t run that past my boyfriend yet. So we will see what he says. Yesterday I felt the baby move for the first time. Like really I felt it move, and I know it was the baby. It was such an amazing experience. & it made me sooo happy at like 2 o’clock in the morning! Haha.
Im already losing a lot of sleep. Its hard to breath because im so congested right now and its also really hard to get comfortable already. Im starting to show a little bit but not much because im a bigger person. No weight gain so far. My pre-pregnancy weight was 177 and I have been staying at 176 this entire time. Which isn’t bad since like I said im already a bigger person. So that’s comforting.
Right now I am making some decorations for our new home. All thanks to Pintrest. I am a pintrest addict!
The two projects im working on now are:
Over sized letters- which is ALOT harder than it looks, but keeps me busy.
Wall décor made from toilet paper rolls which was fun and easy to do.

Once they are done ill post some pictures of them. For some reason I just feel so crafty and normally I am the farthest thing from a crafty person. So that’s why I always say I think my bebe taco is going to be an artist. ❤

Thanks for reading.
XOXOXO, Kaylalarissax3