Trying to predict the gender of our baby…

Okay, so before we get into the gender predictions lets just start off by saying im officially 2 months pregnant!! 🙂 Don’t ask why this is so exciting to me, it just is. With being pregnant and hungry (literally ALL THE TIME) im just dreaming of this wonderful thanksgiving dinner that im going to have Thursday. Mmmm, mmm, mmm! We’re going to my uncle’s for thanksgiving, but hopefully mom will buy a small turkey so we can have those oh so fabulous turkey sandwiches for weeks on end. That’s honestly been one of my all time favorite things of thanksgiving!!

On a side note, I kinda miss drinking… kinda, but the smell of beer just is disgusting to me right now and the only reason I “miss” drinking is because I really had no idea how stupid people are while drunk. Usually because im always drinking with them. So basically the reason I drank was to be able to tolerate the idiots around me, that I love soo much. They just drive me a bit bat shit crazy 😉

So finally, to the gender predictions!! I found a couple wives tales online that got me excited so I tried testing out all of them that I could.

1.)Highs & lows… well I can’t determine that one just yet. So thats a bust.
2.) Heartbeat. So they say that if it’s a 140+ it’s a girl & that was the exact number I got when I heard the heartbeat for the first time!! Tally 1 for girl.
3.) Craving sweet or sour foods. Well I’ve really been craving a baked potato… but candy wise I’ve been eating sour patch kids like crazy.. since there sour & sweet let’s just give both genders a tally on this one.
4.) Chinese birth chart. I got boy every time. So boy gets a tally.
5.) The drano trick I would try, but we don’t have drano. So if anyone knows any other chemical that works the same like this… I’d be happy to try it.
6.) Even & odd trick. Well I’m 18 & the year of conception is 2013.. so another tally for boy it is.
7.) Since I already know the key trick I don’t think it would be fair for me to Try it.
8.) Breaking out? I’d say yes since I never have zits and now they are slowly but surely appearing. Tally for girl!!
9.) I don’t have a wedding ring.. so the ring trick won’t work.
10.) No morning sickness really. Another tally for boy.

4 for boy && 3 for girl!! So if these wives tales are true it looks like I’m going to be popping out a little baby boy!! 🙂

No matter what I’ll be happy but I was defiantly hoping for girl. Just like my boyfriend is hoping for boy. I guess it’s just a couple thing, but there’s no way I’ll admit defeat just yet!! Haha.

I hope you all have wonderful thanksgiving!! (:

XOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3


2 thoughts on “Trying to predict the gender of our baby…

  1. I did gender tests for fun constantly! I was obsessed with them and it gave me an excuse to do really weird things haha. I wanted a boy so bad, but i had a gut feeling it was a girl. And it is! Good luck!

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