Boyfriend Appreciation Post.

Okay, so I don’t really talk to terribly much about my boyfriend in my other post so this is a blog dedicated for just us. We actually just celebrated our 6 month anniversary yesterday. & I know what your thinking “oh my gosh. Only 6 months being together and yall are already having a kid. That’s never going to last.” Honestly you could be right, BUT we both love this baby no matter what. We know if we can’t stay together that we can still be civil as parents. As of now we are happy as could be.

Anyway, so he’s actually from Guatemala so he’s teaching me great Spanish. Slowly, but surely. He’s 21 years old, but he looks like super duper young. When I first met him I thought that he was like 17. I actually didn’t really talk to him at all when we first met. I was new at this store and didn’t know anybody so I just kept to myself. Also, I was dating someone at the time so I wasn’t interested in “meeting” anyone. So finally we became friends and I would call him Edwiener because his name is Edwin.. and obviously im such a ball of maturity. It drove him crazy, and I absolutely just loved pushing his buttons. One day he saw my picture of me and my boyfriend and he was like “ewww, change that. Let me take you out”. Of course I just laughed it off… Until me and that guy actually broke up. I went on with life. Let guys take me out. Just the norm after a breakup, and somehow I just really started liking this boy. So I showed him my new screen savoir.. and he was like “Good. Let me take you out”.

&& Then it was over. I fell in love with someone I never thought I could ever love. I don’t know what it is about this man but he completely changed me. I started leaving the house late at night with him. Just because I wanted to be with him, and I didn’t care if id get in trouble with my parents. He gave me a happiness I’ve never had before. Honestly, I love this man. He is so good to me. Anything I want he gets it, even if he’s mad at me. We have a love/hate relationship most of the time. Not even really like we hate each other we just get on each others nerves, but we do it purposely.

So I know love story’s can be boring. Especially if you don’t know the 2 people, but I hope that my baby will read this one day and know how happy her daddy makes me. & yes im saying “her” because that’s what im hoping for (of course ill be happy either way, and I really just want a happy, healthy child). We don’t know yet, but calling her an “it” just doesn’t seem right.

Baby talk: So, today im 11 weeks! This is so exciting to be almost out of the first trimester. Edwins even super excited. This morning I was in bed watching pregnancy vlogs and he was watching with more. Way more into it then I was. Seriously, he does the cutest things sometimes!! I have a pounding headache right now and I wish I knew how to get rid of it. Im also exhausted but that’s about it. I’ve been on the computer for awhile looking for jobs and rubbing my back with this back massager pillow that has become my BEST FREIND. Seriously, I even use it on my feet! 🙂 So later in the week ill do my 11 week post to get “more into the 11th week” since this is just the first day.

Anyways, sorry for the long post. Thanks for reading!!!
XOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3 


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