12 Week Update!!

So actually today I just hit 13 weeks, FINALLY in the 2nd trimester (according to the app “Im expecting”) but I completely forgot to write the 12 week update for my blog.

Nothings really changed too much. The back pain is still terrible and I have this constant throbbing headache. Last night I got super sick, but sleeping it off I guess made it go away. It was bad though. I couldn’t walk without my head hurting, my cough came back, my back pains were like 10 times worse then they have been. But with the help of a electric back massager and my boyfriends cuddles, I think that’s probably what made me feel a lot better. I’m extremely moody and its really weird, because Ill get really angry and not even realize that I’m being a total bitch until Edwin is like “Gosh Kayla, what’s wrong with you?” and then I feel bad for being a sour puss. But I’m not crying like a mad woman or anything. I just get very angry for no reason at all. My boobs are like in EXREME amounts of pain. Even the slightest touch or anything just hurts so bad. And ive been getting sharp pains throughout my body. Its usually like my knees or my ribs or my boobs, but it hurts. I don’t really like that too much.

My nausea is completely gone. I THINK! Every time I say its not that bad, or its gone. Its like my baby knows and has to make me throw up a couple times I guess prove to me that I’m not one of the lucky ones. This might be a bit nasty so if you cant stomach poop story’s I suggest you not read this next part. But the last time I had morning sickness was technically Christmas morning. Literally at 12am. Apparently my grandma had been using the potty for quite sometime and I just didn’t realize it. I must have ran into the bathroom as soon as she escaped because as soon as I got into the bathroom the puke was coming. I couldn’t stomach the smell of my grandmothers bowl movements. It was probably the most horrific things that could ever happen to someone. I was trying to spray the febreze at the same time of throwing up and I was throwing up so much that it actually came back up at me. Ugh. It was seriously AWFUL! I told my sister that story and after she could talk again from laughing so hard she then told me “Oh yeah, its always good to flush while throwing up so that doesn’t happen”. Oh thanks for that advice now! Oh well. Its over, and hopefully I never have to experience anything like that ever again.

Its hard to eat anything right now for some reason. Everything is either super nasty to me, or I’m just simply not hungry at all. This kind of worry’s me because I know that your supposed to eat through out the day… but its hard to even eat once a day sometimes. Then at like midnight is when I get super hungry but even then I can only eat little bits at a time. Its really weird.

My next appointment is on the January 2nd, and I’m so excited!! Just because I can hopefully see the baby again, and because I really need to talk to my doctor. Im scared I might actually be sick. And browsing the internet of symptoms doesn’t really help my hypochondriac self. Also, apparently women don’t always get to see their baby every visit. I do know that my doctor has his own equipment so maybe he does an ultrasound every time or maybe its because I found out so early. I’m not exactly sure, but like I’ve said before I hope I get to see the baby every time because I just absolutely love to see her (*fingers crossed!*)

So hopefully in a few days ill be posting some pictures of my little prince/ss 🙂
I hope everyone has a happy & safe new year!!
XOXOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3


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