13 Week Update!!

Oops I did it again. These weeks are really sneaking up on me. So actually I’m 14 weeks today, but this is my update for week 13 :)!!

So this week I went to the doctor.. and low and behold.. IM NOT DYING! My doctor literally acted like I was stupid when I told him that I think I might be having migraines (even though I’ve never had them before) apparently the cause of these headaches was because I wasn’t eating right. So making myself eat every 4 hours has been really hard, even though its small things at a time, but it works!! So I don’t care how hard it is as long as I don’t get that terrible headache back again ill be good. Also at the doctors office when we first got there she took Edwin & I to our room and she told me to weigh myself and she’ll be right back… well the scale wasn’t doing anything. I tried the stepping on first thing.. I tried just getting on. Nothing. Nada. I felt so fat!! Seriously, I was thinking I had just broken the scale and all Edwin is doing is laughing the whole time. So eventually Edwin worked some kind of man magic and got it to work. & I actually lost a pound. Which the doctor didn’t seem to have any concerns that I’ve basically maintained the same weight this first trimester so I’m not worried about that.

I’m still looking for a job.. and that’s starting to scare me. I’m already getting stir crazy at the house. I’m just not the type of person that can be a stay at home mommy-to-be. Hopefully once the baby comes ill be able to stay home, but that will be an entire job in itself. But I do have a job interview this Thursday so fingers crossed that it goes WAY better than the State Farm interview went. Honestly, I’m scared (I absolutely hate interviews) but I keep reminding myself its not about me anymore its all about my prince/ss and this is something that I need to do for us. Plus, it starts off with really good pay (for me, anyway) so im really praying for this to work out.

Oh yeah, before I forget the heartbeat was a 120 this time!! Edwin was so cute when he heard is was 120 because I told him about the heartbeat wives tale. So he was like “ooooh, 120, I told you it was going to be a boy”. Hahah, but the first ones were way over 140 so he’s just going to have to admit defeat on this one 🙂

Symptoms this week: The only thing that’s been noticeable this week is the breast tenderness, and I hear that goes away soon so that’s super exciting! My energy is back, and I feel great! Especially with that headache FINALLY being gone.

So sorry for such a long post this time, but thanks for reading! 🙂
Have a wonderful week!
XOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3


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