19 Week Update!

Nothing really new. Besides the babys moving around a lot more! Which is exciting. Also, I feel a tightness in my stomach that is super uncomfortable at times. My sister says its normal, but of course ill ask my doctor what he thinks. Everyones really just excited to find out the gender which we find out on Thursday! 😀 Not only am I excited to find out the gender, but I just cant wait to see my baby again!!

Also, Monday I find out if I get a second job interview for 24 hr fitness day care center! The first one went great so im really hoping I get this! Especially since we are getting our own place so soon.

Ive been itching to read a good book lately so I went to the library today and got 3.
Who Im Not by Ted Staunton
The Postmortal by Drew Magary
The Killing Club by Marci Walsh

I’ve just started Who Im Not & I love it so far! Im seriously flying through this book. 🙂

So, I shall update yall Thursday when we find out the gender!!
XOXOXOXOX; Kaylalarissax3


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