Abstract Toddler Craft.

So Kingston is one of my nephews that I have been babysitting for awhile now. He just turned 2 years old in Dec.
Hes honestly growing up way to fast & his mom totally agrees!
Lately when Im watching the kids I get bored with the day-to-day activities.
So I hopped on Pintrest and looked for some crafts 2 year olds would love.

I cant find the link on pintrest right now to save my life, but if I do ill edit this post.
Anyhow, this is a picture of the project King & I recreated together:

So Im not sure what they used but I just the back of an old poster board I was doing nothing with & duct tape at the beginning.
Quick suggestion: Use the blue tape & probably a canvas that’s what im doing next time with Brandon. The duct tape ended up tearing the poster board a bit making the end product look a bit uneven.

What you need:

Step 1:

Put the tape on canvas however you like. You can do it yourself or you can let the kiddo do it.
I found that Kingston really enjoyed putting the tape on the poster board & then I just straightened it out for him.
Just to give it the perfect straight lines.

Step 2:

Let the kiddo go crazy paint to board however they please.
I helped him a bit and filled in all the white with the left over paint on the board.
We used a pretty big poster board and I got tired of opening and closing all the paints so I ended up and just put a bunch of spots of paint on the board and let him color it in.
He also taught himself how to open the paint and get some as he pleased. Ha!

Step 3:

Let your painting dry & then peel off tape.
Like I said before the duct tape didn’t work very well, but good for practicing!

Very fun project to do with the toddlers.
It keeps them busy and away the t.v for a couple hours!
This is also something I enjoy so much ill be hanging it up in my apartment for everyone to see!
Hope you enjoy!

XOXOXOXOXOX; Kaylalarissax3


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