12 Week Update!!

So actually today I just hit 13 weeks, FINALLY in the 2nd trimester (according to the app “Im expecting”) but I completely forgot to write the 12 week update for my blog.

Nothings really changed too much. The back pain is still terrible and I have this constant throbbing headache. Last night I got super sick, but sleeping it off I guess made it go away. It was bad though. I couldn’t walk without my head hurting, my cough came back, my back pains were like 10 times worse then they have been. But with the help of a electric back massager and my boyfriends cuddles, I think that’s probably what made me feel a lot better. I’m extremely moody and its really weird, because Ill get really angry and not even realize that I’m being a total bitch until Edwin is like “Gosh Kayla, what’s wrong with you?” and then I feel bad for being a sour puss. But I’m not crying like a mad woman or anything. I just get very angry for no reason at all. My boobs are like in EXREME amounts of pain. Even the slightest touch or anything just hurts so bad. And ive been getting sharp pains throughout my body. Its usually like my knees or my ribs or my boobs, but it hurts. I don’t really like that too much.

My nausea is completely gone. I THINK! Every time I say its not that bad, or its gone. Its like my baby knows and has to make me throw up a couple times I guess prove to me that I’m not one of the lucky ones. This might be a bit nasty so if you cant stomach poop story’s I suggest you not read this next part. But the last time I had morning sickness was technically Christmas morning. Literally at 12am. Apparently my grandma had been using the potty for quite sometime and I just didn’t realize it. I must have ran into the bathroom as soon as she escaped because as soon as I got into the bathroom the puke was coming. I couldn’t stomach the smell of my grandmothers bowl movements. It was probably the most horrific things that could ever happen to someone. I was trying to spray the febreze at the same time of throwing up and I was throwing up so much that it actually came back up at me. Ugh. It was seriously AWFUL! I told my sister that story and after she could talk again from laughing so hard she then told me “Oh yeah, its always good to flush while throwing up so that doesn’t happen”. Oh thanks for that advice now! Oh well. Its over, and hopefully I never have to experience anything like that ever again.

Its hard to eat anything right now for some reason. Everything is either super nasty to me, or I’m just simply not hungry at all. This kind of worry’s me because I know that your supposed to eat through out the day… but its hard to even eat once a day sometimes. Then at like midnight is when I get super hungry but even then I can only eat little bits at a time. Its really weird.

My next appointment is on the January 2nd, and I’m so excited!! Just because I can hopefully see the baby again, and because I really need to talk to my doctor. Im scared I might actually be sick. And browsing the internet of symptoms doesn’t really help my hypochondriac self. Also, apparently women don’t always get to see their baby every visit. I do know that my doctor has his own equipment so maybe he does an ultrasound every time or maybe its because I found out so early. I’m not exactly sure, but like I’ve said before I hope I get to see the baby every time because I just absolutely love to see her (*fingers crossed!*)

So hopefully in a few days ill be posting some pictures of my little prince/ss ūüôā
I hope everyone has a happy & safe new year!!
XOXOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3


11 week update

I feel 10,000 times better after days of sleeping away my sickness. Whatever that awfulness was I have no idea but thankfully it wasn’t the flu. Now, I have so much more energy and I never want to see a bed again!! Seriously, one can only be in bed for so long after it physically hurts. Defiantly time to go out and get a good walk in… well maybe not right now because its 12am, but tomorrow sounds good. Also, I need to get a good clean done on my room. Its really gone to hell since I’ve gotten sick. I hate when that happens, but oh well. Cleaning always feels great.. after its done.

4 days until Christmas and I already have my gifts wrapped. With the exception of my moms last gift that’s still in the mail, and my boyfriends gift that I still need to go buy… That’s going to be the hardest part this year, because he’s so hard to buy for. But im so proud of myself that I’ve actually got practically everything done already! I usually wait until last last minute which is never fun. But now im super excited for Christmas this year.

Besides being sick this week¬†there’s no signs in any different symptoms. Other than¬†my¬†high emotions I had the other night.¬†Poor Edwin he¬†was sick as a dog and I was sitting there crying my heart out over a song that was on and then I got mad at him because he had no idea why I was crying!! 10 minutes after my crying session was over I just hugged him and told him how much I loved him and his response to that is “What is wrong with you?”.

Honestly, week 11 wasn’t one of my favorites. That sickness really sucked, BUT now that its gone I feel great, and if week 12 is just like this and without the sickness¬†I think im gonna be one happy momma ūüôā

Thanks everyone for reading.
Have a Merry Christmas!!
XOXOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3

I think I may have the flu.. help!?

So I am in the worst pain I think I’ve ever been in!! My head hurts so bad. It feels like an 18 wheeler is driving back and forth on my skull.. nonstop. Also it hurts to move my body or to feel the A.C on my skin. My ears are infected and I have a terrible cough that makes everything 10 times worse. Especially my headache every time I feel a cough coming on I have to put pressure on it because if I don’t it feels like its going to explode. Anybody know any natural remedies to get rid of this?

I have been sleeping literally the entire day, but I wake up every couple hours or so to get a drink. Even walking to the fridge is so painful. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow (hopefully) but I’m still scared to take any medicine they might prescribe me. I just want my baby to be safe.

Please, if you know any natural remedies let me know.
Thank you so much.

XOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3

Boyfriend Appreciation Post.

Okay, so I don’t really talk to terribly much about my boyfriend in my other post so this is a blog dedicated for just us. We actually just celebrated our 6 month anniversary yesterday. & I know what your thinking “oh my gosh. Only 6 months being together and yall are already having a kid. That’s never going to last.” Honestly you could be right, BUT we both love this baby no matter what. We know if we can’t stay together that we can still be civil as parents. As of now we are happy as could be.

Anyway, so he’s¬†actually from Guatemala so he’s teaching me great Spanish. Slowly, but surely. He’s 21 years old, but he looks like super duper young. When I first met him I thought that he¬†was like 17. I actually didn’t really talk to him at all when we first met. I was new at this store and didn’t know anybody so I just kept to myself. Also, I was dating someone at the time so I wasn’t interested in “meeting” anyone. So finally we became friends and I would call him Edwiener because his name is Edwin.. and obviously im such a ball of maturity. It drove him crazy, and I absolutely just loved pushing his buttons. One day he saw my picture of me and my boyfriend and he was like “ewww, change that. Let me take you out”. Of course I just laughed it off… Until me and that guy actually broke up. I went on with life. Let guys take me out. Just the norm after a breakup, and somehow I just really started liking this boy. So I showed him my new screen savoir.. and he was like “Good. Let me take you out”.

&& Then it was over. I fell in love with someone I never thought I could ever love.¬†I don’t know what it is about this man but he completely changed¬†me. I¬†started¬†leaving the house late at night with him. Just¬†because I wanted to be with him, and I didn’t care if id get in trouble with my¬†parents. He gave me a happiness I’ve never had before.¬†Honestly, I love this man. He is so good to me. Anything I want he gets it, even if he’s mad at me. We have a love/hate relationship most of the time. Not even really like we hate each other we just get on¬†each others nerves, but we do it purposely.

So I know love story’s can be boring. Especially if you don’t know the 2 people, but I hope that my baby will read this one day and know how happy her daddy makes me. & yes im saying “her” because that’s what im hoping for (of course ill be happy either way, and I really just want a happy, healthy child). We don’t know yet, but calling¬†her an “it” just doesn’t seem right.

Baby talk: So, today im 11 weeks! This is so exciting to be almost out of the first trimester. Edwins even super excited. This morning I was in bed watching pregnancy vlogs and he was watching with more. Way more into it then I was. Seriously, he does the cutest things sometimes!! I have a pounding headache right now and I wish I knew how to get rid of it. Im also exhausted but that’s about it. I’ve been on the computer for¬†awhile looking for jobs and rubbing my back with this back massager¬†pillow¬†that has become my BEST¬†FREIND.¬†Seriously, I even use it on my feet! ūüôā So later in the week ill do my 11 week post¬†to get “more into the 11th week” since this is just the first day.

Anyways, sorry for the long post. Thanks for reading!!!
XOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3 

10 Week Update.

According to my due date I am 10 weeks and 4 days today! I’m just so excited to almost be in my 2nd trimester, because rumor has it that you start feeling A LOT better. That would be nice because I am so exhausted all the time. Even though at night I’m unable to sleep for some reason. So I basically sleep my entire day away and stay up all night. So I need to fix that problem soon. Especially since I really need to find a job soon before I start showing. I had a job when I found out I was pregnant, but it was so much drama and it was like 30 minutes away from my house. Every time I went in I didn’t make any tips. So I was basically working for $3.13 an hour, and somehow having to find a way pay for gas. So I decided that I had to just quit. Honestly I feel like I made the best choice for me and my child at the moment, but me finding a job as quickly as possible is top priority right now.

For the past 2 days I have been having the worst pain in my back for some reason. I guess I slept on it wrong the other night but I used a little back massager and took a warm bath but its still killing me. Honestly I feel like Im a 50 year old woman whenever I try to bend over or sit down or if I do absolutely anything. Im not sure if this is because of my pregnancy or not though because I think it may be too early to be experiencing back pains right now.

As usually my boobies are KILLING me. I hate wearing my bra or even something barely brushing across my boob it just is so uncomfortable. I absolutely hate it!! Especially when my boyfriend thinks its okay to randomly grab them. No sir, now I shall punch you in the nuts! >:|
Mood swings seem to be getting worse and worse for no apparent reason.
I sleep till about 12pm… sometimes 2pm.. and¬†even still need a nap. So that explains why my sleeping schedule is all jacked up. Is that normal? Or am I just going into a depression?

I’m starting to feel like a lazy bum. Especially when my boyfriend¬†teases me just a little too much about it. He doesn’t realize how sensitive I’ve¬†become lately. ¬†

Anyway, one last thing before I go. I strongly recommend the book “Lets Panic About Babies” by Alice Bradley & Eden M. Kennedy. Its not really a factual kind of book like “What To Expect When Your Expecting”. Its actually the complete opposite, but im constantly laughing while I read this book. I started last night and im about halfway through. So if your ever in need of a good laugh defiantly go pick up this book.

Also, do you suggest any good pregnancy books for me?
Thanks for reading.
XOXOXOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3


So my doctor told me when I was there on the 4th that I was 9 weeks and 3 days… and my ultrasound says that I was 10 weeks and 6 days.. so now I am officially confused with how far along I really am. Grr. I wish I would have just kept track of my periods.

So this ultrasound totally looks like a smiley face!! So awesome. My moms friend was like “Look your child is already an artist!”. That’s right, already making mommy proud ‚̧ ūüôā
Anywho, Ive just been really tired and grumpy these past couple days. So sorry for the short & sweet post.

XOXOXOXOXOXOX; Kaylalarissax3

9 weeks update.

So, I just noticed that in 3 little weeks ill be in my second trimester already. It just seems to be going by so fast now. I don’t know if I said before but right before my last appointment it just seemed like it was taking so freaking long, but now its just like flying by. Wednesday we have another doctor visit, and I have my fingers crossed that I’m going to get more pictures. Seriously if I could get pictures every time I went into the doctor I would be so happy! So I have my fingers crossed that my doctor does an ultrasound every time as like his procedure or something. I just love seeing my little baby! My weight really hasn’t changed at all, but cramping has gotten very bad. Today it wasn’t so bad, but mainly last week I just was in so much pain from cramping. In these past 9 weeks I’ve only thrown up 2 times, and that’s only because I took my prenatal without eating. So that’s amazing! I’m praying that it stays that way, because everyone knows morning sickness is no fun. I do get nauseated.. a lot, but I would rather nausea than puking by a long shot. Some pimples have been appearing, which is super depressing because ever since I started going through puberty it got really bad with the pimples (seriously people called me pizza face :[) but once those bad boys went a way id only get a pimple once in a blue moon. I’ve only gotten 2 so far so HOPEFULLY they go away for good! For the past 9 weeks my boobies have been EXTREMLY sensitive. I hate it. & my bras getting smaller ūüė¶ which sucks because being a double f them suckers get expensive! But oh well.

Foods I like right now:
So im pretty much obsessed with pickles, cheese strings, hot cocoa, and green apples right now. Dorito nacho chips are also the bomb right now. && of course don’t forget the famous sour patch kids. Sour patch kids are the best things in the world. Also im really digging cereal a lot right now, but lately its just like anything I eat I cant ever seem to get full. I don’t want to eat myself to death, but geez! Why cant I ever get full right now? ūüė¶

Foods im disliking right now:
Chicken nuggets & cheese enchiladas are my 2 favorite pre-pregnancy foods that absolutely make me sick lately ūüė¶

My smeller cant stand the smell of alcohol lately, specifically beer, but I think I’ve already said that in my last post. Sometimes I just want to be in bed all day long. I’m just always so tired, but these past couple days since I lost my job I’ve been getting up and cleaning, cooking, just helping mom around the house lately. I really need to find a job before I start showing. So that’s a little stressful. My plan is once I get a job and start saving up some money my boyfriend and I can finally get our own place. Ohhh… and if you read my last post I was telling everyone how I was DREAMING of thanksgiving day it was seriously everything I dreamed of & more. So so so freaking good!! I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving, and you’ll hear from me soon! Hopefully if I get pictures you’ll hear even sooner than next week!! ūüėÄ

XOXOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3