26 Week Update!!

Damn heart burn. HahahaSo true!! This heartburn has been killer lately. Omg. 3rd trimester here we come!! 🙂 I cant believe its going so fast. Kloey finally started moving around for her daddy, but she wont move for anyone else yet. Its kinda cute and evil at the same time. 🙂

Not much to update this week. Everythings really the same.

XOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3


25 Week Update!

ImageSo we are finally settled in to our new home. Its kinda hard, but at the same time pretty brilliant. Im learning how to cook, clean, and just be a house wife without the help of my mom. I mean of course moms right next door if I needed any help but so far no help needed. I think its hard for any 19 year old girl to become a stay at home wife, because most of us are so dependent on our parents its unreal. That’s what my situation is anyway. I didn’t even realize half the things I didn’t know how to do, clean, or cook. Because im just so used to mom doing all that stuff. But its all a learning experience for my boyfriend and I. Luckily we still have some time before Kloey gets here to get everything perfect. Walking up and down those steps is NO FUN though. I can slowly start to see my ankles swell up before my eyes! & we don’t have a washer and dryer yet so im constantly up and down them bad boys doing laundry. Im really going to have to learn how to handwash our clothes or something. On a positive not apparently my uterus is getting stronger because of the “working out” so maybe labor will be a little bit more easy on me :)!

What we have for Kloey so far:
So I haven’t bought her much yet because im supposed to be having 2 baby showers and I want to wait until those before I spend my money on things. But so far I have bought her 2 cute little outfits and a little activity gym. We have the crib and the changing table in the garage. Her colors are going to be pink white and grey, and the theme will be elephants. So I want to paint the crib and the changing table to match whatever her bed spread is going to be. Since we haven’t got that yet we are just waiting pretty much, but at least we know that if she gets born a little early and this is all we got then we have something for her to wear! 😉 But the doctor told me that he thinks that shes going to be right on time so we have no worries about that! Although reading about my pregnancy and seeing that if for some reason she would be born like right this second she would more than likely survive the ICU made things get really real, really fast. I don’t know its like a dream to me still though. Even though I feel the moving around, can clearly see my belly, and even see my belly move when she moves it all still feels unreal. Maybe im just a weirdo, who knows.

I also got some clothes from a good friend whos about 2 weeks more pregnant than I am, but shes having a boy so she gave me a bunch of girl clothes. So now she has a cute little place in the closet right next to mommies clothes of her growing wardrobe. I want to put her in pageants oh so very badly its unreal. But my boyfriend is afraid that “it will turn her into a whore”. Which I totally disagree with, but whatever!! Im gonna get what I want at the end of the day so 😛 on him. Im not going to be crazy mom about it, but I think its a good way for her to gain confidence in herself and be around other kids! 🙂


XOXOXOXOX; Kaylalarissax3