9 weeks update.

So, I just noticed that in 3 little weeks ill be in my second trimester already. It just seems to be going by so fast now. I don’t know if I said before but right before my last appointment it just seemed like it was taking so freaking long, but now its just like flying by. Wednesday we have another doctor visit, and I have my fingers crossed that I’m going to get more pictures. Seriously if I could get pictures every time I went into the doctor I would be so happy! So I have my fingers crossed that my doctor does an ultrasound every time as like his procedure or something. I just love seeing my little baby! My weight really hasn’t changed at all, but cramping has gotten very bad. Today it wasn’t so bad, but mainly last week I just was in so much pain from cramping. In these past 9 weeks I’ve only thrown up 2 times, and that’s only because I took my prenatal without eating. So that’s amazing! I’m praying that it stays that way, because everyone knows morning sickness is no fun. I do get nauseated.. a lot, but I would rather nausea than puking by a long shot. Some pimples have been appearing, which is super depressing because ever since I started going through puberty it got really bad with the pimples (seriously people called me pizza face :[) but once those bad boys went a way id only get a pimple once in a blue moon. I’ve only gotten 2 so far so HOPEFULLY they go away for good! For the past 9 weeks my boobies have been EXTREMLY sensitive. I hate it. & my bras getting smaller šŸ˜¦ which sucks because being a double f them suckers get expensive! But oh well.

Foods I like right now:
So im pretty much obsessed with pickles, cheese strings, hot cocoa, and green apples right now. Dorito nacho chips are also the bomb right now. && of course don’t forget the famous sour patch kids. Sour patch kids are the best things in the world. Also im really digging cereal a lot right now, but lately its just like anything I eat I cant ever seem to get full. I don’t want to eat myself to death, but geez! Why cant I ever get full right now? šŸ˜¦

Foods im disliking right now:
Chicken nuggets & cheese enchiladas are my 2 favorite pre-pregnancy foods that absolutely make me sick lately šŸ˜¦

My smeller cant stand the smell of alcohol lately, specifically beer, but I think I’ve already said that in my last post. Sometimes I just want to be in bed all day long. I’m just always so tired, but these past couple days since I lost my job I’ve been getting up and cleaning, cooking, just helping mom around the house lately. I really need to find a job before I start showing. So that’s a little stressful. My plan is once I get a job and start saving up some money my boyfriend and I can finally get our own place. Ohhh… and if you read my last post I was telling everyone how I was DREAMING of thanksgiving day it was seriously everything I dreamed of & more. So so so freaking good!! I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving, and you’ll hear from me soon! Hopefully if I get pictures you’ll hear even sooner than next week!! šŸ˜€

XOXOXOXOXOXO; Kaylalarissax3


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